StarSonata 1.0

A free online game in which you will guide your spaceship and fight other ships
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StarSonata is a massive online multiplayer game in which you guide your spaceship in an adventure across the Universe. You will have to pilot your spaceship from one galaxy to another, killing enemies, collecting debris and other elements, and selling goods over the Universe. While progressing through the game, you will become rich enough to buy weapons, more equipment and better ships.

Your spaceship must visit some space stations, where an agent will assign you a mission that you must complete in order to be promoted to the next level. Some missions involve defeating a certain number of enemies, while others will require finding some object, or traveling to a certain planet.

In order to destroy your enemies, you will have to aim at them and then fire your weapon. You will see the damage you have done to your enemy - and the damage he did to you - in the bar indicator that appears next to each spaceship. You cannot fire at an enemy without aiming at him first, and you will not be allowed to fire through planets or suns. Your spaceship can move in every direction and you can control its speed.

This game can be played against other players connected via Internet to the same server. To access this server you can obtain a free account directly from this program.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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  • It is free
  • The story is good


  • The graphics are too basic
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